Date Night Notes

Thank you for joining us for Prenatal Date Night. To care for an expecting mother is an honor and a great privilege, and it is our great pleasure to welcome you into our space and offer you what guidance, comfort, and nourishment as we can on your path to parenthood.

Prenatal Date Night is offered every 2 months, and we have begun offering a Reconnection night for all couples, expecting or otherwise. Email Kia with any questions you have or for more information on our upcoming events. We thank you again for sharing your time and your journey with us. As promised, here are a few notes to help you remember all the material from the evening.

Massage Flow

  1. Prepare: Warm hands, set intention (mental love letter)
  2. First Contact: Grasp your partner's feet. Pressure point midline just behind ball of feet, compress arches alternating sides
  3. Calves: Compress calves (not shins) with heel of hand
  4. Leg Rotation: Supporting above joints, rest elbow on thigh
  5. Hamstrings: Stretch with micro-bend in knee
  6. Tree: Release foot against opposite knee, lower leg slowly
  7. Thighs: Align spine to partner's femur, butterfly hands, compress thighs up and down
  8. Hip rock: Thigh to hip, then hip to hip
  9. Release: Straighten leg, gentle shaking, stroking lines of energy
  10. Repeat other leg, beginning with Leg Rotation
  11. Back Release: Squat over partner, hold low waist, lean back with good form: straight back, thighs parallel to floor
  12. Slow Dance: Lift partner's legs above ankle, about waist height, rock left-right very slowly
  13. Release: Return legs to neutral, gentle shaking, lines of energy
  14. Sun and Moon: Circular abdomen rub (w/ unrefined sesame oil), left hand (sun) makes full circle, right hand (moon) opposite left, across transverse colon, down descending
  15. Shoulder mobility: Grasp partner's hand with near hand, use far hand to stabilize upper arm, rotate up and down
  16. Pectoral: Release partner's hand behind their head, support their elbow, massage pectoral muscle insertion
  17. Release: Return hand to neutral, shaking arm, lines of energy
  18. Repeat other arm, beginning with mobility
  19. Shoulders & Head
  20. Done: Trade places and get yours!

Other Notes:

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